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The Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Program Mini Training at the Smart Marriages Conference

Click here to take the first session of the online version of the Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Program for FREE.

We will be offering a 1.5 hour mini training at the 2007 Smart Marriages conference in Denver. Click here to register for the conference.

This training has been designed to introduce you to the Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Program, as well as to give you some of the basics on how you could teach this program full or part-time.

The mini training will include the following:

How to modify the program when teaching individuals, couples, small groups or very large groups.

Marketing ideas and materials. The philosophy of, "If you build it they will come", only works in Hollywood. People will not magically appear at your door simply because you are certified to teach this program. We will teach you marketing strategies that can increase your chances of attracting students. We will also introduce you to other marketing materials we have developed.

Where to teach. We will give you suggestions on places you should consider teaching the program and how you can arrange to teach there.

Day-to-day business details. Everything from accounting software to getting a business license and a sales tax identification number number.

Teach-Out-of-Box Kit for the Mini Training

All participants at the mini training will receive:

1 copy of the Healthy Marriage Weight Loss materials at no cost..

1 copy of all the marketing materials we have developed for the program at no cost.

After the participants sign the Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Instructor contract (click here to read the contract) they will receive a link to the online Healthy Marriage Weight Loss instructor manual and instructor presentation outlines of each session. There is no cost to download the instructor materials.

Requirements for Provisional Certification To Teach

1. You must have the desire to help others learn this information. You don't need a degree from a university to teach this information. Those with degrees have put together the information. All you need to do is share the information they have assembled.

2. Sign and fax the Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Instructor contract to 866-818-5530. To read and print the contract click here.

Requirements To Become a Fully Certified Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Instructor

The only additional requirement is the average score of the instructor evaluations by your last 30 Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Program students needs to be 90% or better for each of the 8 sessions.

Benefits of Full Certification

Teaching people how to attain and maintain a healthy weight, marriage and self is one of the most emotionally rewarding ways you can spend your time.

As a fully certified Healthy Marriage Weight Loss Instructor you are allowed to charge people to attend your sessions.

Full certification also allows you to purchase all student materials at the lowest bulk rate regardless of how small the quantity of your order.

Fully certified instructors will be listed on our national website at no charge.

here to return to the Smartmarriages mini training workshop page

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